Ruby's Bestie "Hearts" Christian Louboutin.

The Ultimate Shoe maker the One and Only Mr.Louboutin!! well, Hello Mr. Red sole shoes that are registered as Your own trade mark and signature. 
Why do you do shoes?????
Mr.Louboutin: to make a woman look sexy, beautiful, to make her legs look as long as I can. 

ee wallah uhwa gal chetheeh ana ma alaft!! la etkhezoon el post XP

anyways !! hatha mu mowthoo3i. 
3ashan et3arfoon hal post hatha 3an sheno bel thab6 click 3ala check the rest of this post thingi ... 

This is a snap shot of the top shelve of my best friend's closet, or should I say one of her closets ofcourse.
Loubs Boxes. Some of the boxes ;P .. She LOOOVVEEE loubs, she adores them and addicted to them. to the point that each time I see a Loubs pair, she crosses my mind.

Every Loyal Fan Deserve a shout out! and Thank you my lovely sweet friend for letting me SHOUT OUT ur addiction through my blog.

ok.. I know ..I said my real life friends doesn't know about my blog but this friend knows about it.. hathee ghairrrr :P exclude her :P

Then I "kindly" asked her  to choose her favorite pairs of Louboutins o el7imdellah 9efaina 3ala about 8 pairs outta madree cham! 
golaw mashallah, 3alaiha bel3aya. 
and now..... the pairs. 

The "LOVE" pumps , Unique rare and simply EYANIN!

 The Engin stud pumps, Speaks for itself

The Mary jane plateform, Sexy cute ;) 

The Holalita pony skin sandals and two is better than one ;P

The Rolando zipper plateform pump. one word .. sophisticated 

and from the latest line we have the last 2 here..

a ballet flat. 

The Royal blue Yolanda spikes!

I kept the Best for  last and I'm So Glad you grabbed it
My friend, if anyone deserves to walk in Louboutins I mean (All the Louboutins) it is you,
Finally, el qalib ghalib 7abeebti my bestie ana ma 7abait el Louboutin ella 3ugub ma shefta on your feets.


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New Bride said...

Mashalah mashalah I respect her walah ;) did u know I had a fight with an indain lady b London , selfridges 3ashan pair of louibies , yes I'll kill forbid ;) mashalah mashalah I called my louboutins my babies by the way ;)

RuBY_GLooM said...

New bride: lool yestahal the fight wallah. O silfredges yesh'had hoshat Mu 6abee3iya. My cousins' wife had a fight over a chanel bag but lost the fight. Lol. Thank u april from my friend who owns ur louboutin siblings :p

Bint ilKuwait said...

Hehehe Mashallah eyaninoooon 3alaaihaaa bil3afyaaaa;** ee the last is one the best!;)

Bint ilKuwait said...

ok badlya:P

the last one was the best*

RuBY_GLooM said...

LoooL Allah e3afeech :* Bint ilkuwait khoosh badliyah XP

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