Remebering an Old Trip to Montrex

many of my co-workers got back from their spring vacations. and we were chatting about traveling.
most of them spend their vacations in Dubai,
when my boss mentioned that she hatted Dubai!! as it's Loyaa o hai9a o ez3aaj, she like to take a "vacation" vacation :P
then she said her best place was Montrex! *shot in the heart*

I went to Montrex several years back, we spend about 10 days their! hadyaaaaaaaaaaa ... TOO MUCH HADYA! we complained about it all the time. while Mom and Dad was enjoying their stay.

now I wish to have those 10 days back! mabe shay, bs bajabel el bu7ayra o mara7 at7al6am killish !!
youm kina hnak daily nakheth el Train o nanzel in another area. cuz khala9na malls Montrex in couple of days, mashallah small and very peaceful place! etyanin!
we went to a couple of tours as well. but what I loved most about this place ( at that time) was sunday mornings.
kan 3indihm shay methl sog el yem3a.. bas6aat all along the Lake. with all the hand mad stuff as wool bracelets, scarves and so on.
not to mention the home made muffins and waffles ! was YUMMM!!
beside the personal music shows and weird gadgets, toys, people with customes on! like old famous el maraa elee labsa 3ala Cow ;P

I googled the picture above, bs shakli el youm ba7oos bel albums.. ma kan ako BBs o Iphones back then :P

Mom and Dad ... I Totally Understand your need for some peace and quite now! Bless both of you.


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Mithos said...

Ruby as soon as you get a vacation go again :P we live once so enjoy it as much as you can :P

Bint ilKuwait said...

Wyyyy shawgteeeeenii aro7lhaaaaaaaaaaaa i neeed the peacful and quite place!!!!!!!

RuBY_GLooM said...

Mithos : Strongly Have it in mind.
Bint ilKuwait : u shouldddddddd

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