Activision and Sega show off Wappy Dog dogbot

Tathkeroooon al3aab el Tamagotchi? el medalya ele feeha virtual pets o lazim etraboonhm?

well. kanat habba qaweyyah when they got released. o lain al7een ashoof minhm eb ma7alat el al3ab o sultan center.

Anyways, el 9oora is a prototype 7ag le3ba yedeeda ebtanzil for the DS .. maybe this Fall. its a robot dog along with the DS game cartridge. And it's basically works as a tamagotchi.

Things U can do with the dog are countless. And it grows to a personality to match what you did to him and how you rased him.

el 7elo feeeh ina mu lazim tel3eboon feeh wel DS shaghalaa eb sharee6 el le3ba,, You can play with the dog alone. then Sync the progress to the cartridge whenever you are done for the day.
wayed 3ajbatni el le3baa for kids/teenagers gamers.

Such games talzim el player eb ashya' mu3ayana o awqat mu3ayana. which will build the feeling of responsibilities and time commitments. That’s the main goal of any "tamagotchi like" game.

Sega is the producers of this game. I'm looking forward to see a High sky quality game in all aspects.

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Mithos said...

Wow :P walla creative. 3ad Ruby 3endena Wa7ed Bel jam3a Wayed Yetmasha o weya pokeball egool lazem Emashe El Pokemons maloota ba3deen Eredhom Bel Gameboy :P Walla Ashya2 3ajeeba

RuBY_GLooM said...

LOOL Mithos! dont get started with Pokemon addiction. they are all over the place with all the versions.. ebyanzil black and white ones too.. I played pokemon on game boy color bs as all games.. ma kamalt :P now wede eb pokemon game bs madre ay wa7da .. gold silver pearl black white ,, ako wayeddddd ...

Mithos said...

ana Bas La3abt Silver o Blue :P Ba3dain Sheft Ena Ma95ooha Kelshway Emnazleen 100 Pokemon Ydeed o Ashkalhom Maleeqa Chan Awagef Men Silver :P Bas Ka La3ba Etwanes Kanat La3abt Blue Cham Sena Walla Leen 7a6eet.hom 3al N64 Eb Pokemon Stadium

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