M.A.C to launch -- Wonder Woman -- More pictures.

I Love the WW aka. Wonder woman collection from M.A.C
check the previous post Here

In this post, I wanna take a closer look at this line products and share with you what I've added to my Wish List.

The eye Quads

Eye Quad in Defiance, love it and I wanna Get It

 Eye Quad In Lady Justice, also Love it and I "Might" get it

Eye Quads in Defiance, Lady Justice and Valiant - The Valiant plate is not quite my type of colors. 

Opulash Mascaras from the left: Black, Army of Amazons, Themyscira and Victorious 
I only wear BLACK mascara on my eyelashes.

Penultimate Liner in Rapidblack -- Will Get It.

Lipglasses from the left to the right: Athena’s Kiss, Wonder Woman, Emancipation and Secret Identity--
The two in the middle, Will be Mine!

Lipsticks from the left to the right: Russian Red, Spitfire, Heroine and Marquise d’-- Loved the Red and The Marquise which I see it as peachy pinkish.

Powder Blush Duo in Mighty Aphrodite on the left and Amazon Princess on the right-- Both Are Wanted!!

Mineralize Skinfinish in Pink Power on left and Golden Lariat on the right -- and again, Both are Wanted!.

I passed by M.A.C the other day and asked them about the release date of this collection, but sadly they don't have a clue. But, I left my numbers and hopefully they'll text me with the release date. 

o salamatkm ;P

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Bint ilKuwait said...

WOOOOOW Loved the eyeshadow quads & the bronze blushers!! wyyy e7irooooon! mara gitlhum they call me too 3ala old collection & they didn't!!!! i end up buying nothing! fa watch out! o raqbaaay@@:P

RuBY_GLooM said...

I left my number 1000 times in all branches, bs tharbat'ha 9u7ba ma3a muhallab/fanar/sharq branches where no one goes! muhallab branch made me choose what i want from hello kitty collection a day before, kept my bag aside, the day of the launch i went in, payed and left with my bag.
marina branch once got me inside the make up room and showed me what they're launching after few days, nesait sheno kan cuz ma 3ajabni .. i have selective memory XP ...
so with me they are kinda co-operative :P maybe they feeeel the vibes of MAC LOVE glowsss MInniiiii :PPPPPPP KAK !!

Bint ilKuwait said...

KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAK!!!! wana shinoo!!! anaaa zain mu maktob 3ala yabhiti MAC!! LOOOOOL la yabeeelaaa then a9aye7 il9i7ba welmayana with them! (ma9la7chya LOOOL):P

Ma enii friendly o kila suwalef with them!! bes they seem to want more1:P

RuBY_GLooM said...

3ad ana elee mu friendly o I hardly smile XP bs therbat ma3ay 9a7 ma3a hello kitty collection, then I started to talk and chat with them, la akher marra re7t sharg branch, about last week, 6ala3tli mn tartan tail collection elee khali9 mn sneen yadde XP o I bought some items

Bint ilKuwait said...

Chathabaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!@@ laaaaaaaaaaaaa!! thani mara7 ma akhaleehum! akhalehum e6al3oli ilma7al kilaa!:P

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