Received a cute gift.

Today I had dinner with my friend, who had a short vacation in Dubai, and Lebanon.
And she was so sweet to bring me this cute gift from sanrio Dubai.
Wow even hello kitty had a make over! Now her bow is extra large and one of her hands must be included in her logo picture as if she saying ( shhhhhh ) or ( I'm to cute ! No? ) ....
As seen in the picture. My friend got me a make up bag. Pen and strawberry car fragrance, same one was hanging in het car rear view mirror and yes her car smell was amazing!

Thank u my sweet friend , u never come from any vacation empty handed. Thank u because I'm always on ur mind ;)

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Bint ilKuwait said...

3alaaaaich bil3afyaaaa sweeetii;*** AMOOOOT 3ALA HELLO KITTY!! when we went to Rome ma7al kamil kila 3anha! o kilyoum lazm ana 3indhum o ma a6la3 minhum empty handed!! ;p

RuBY_GLooM said...

I'm crazy about her tooooo, I even have contact lenses case 3ala hello kitty :)
mare7t romeeeee egoloon 3ajeeeba, re7t Milano twice o I'm crazy about it!

Bint ilKuwait said...

Allaaah egoloon Milani a7la wa7la!! 7atan Florance o Kan o Venice!! okay kilhum!:P

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