Re-Decorating my office.

I've been wanting to do that for a long time now. But alot of things kept me from redecorating my office.

since I've been in my new department, many things happened, not to mention the double of work load I had on my mind. which is a good thing! at least I'm not feeling the time and sometimes I don't have the time to have breakfast. Anddddd also some maalaqa things happened that made me not get carried away in organizing the office to my demands.

But by now, I guess I am settled in my place. No one will try to speak and demand switching or ask me to move :P yes hal salfa yabeelha post bro7a XP. And since I was in a 1 week break. I went and got me some Posters !! yes posters .... we work at cubicles that combined from half glass and half non-glass posts. which makes our PC Screen very viewable by everyone who pass by. it is kinda annoying. o ma ye7tay ba3ad el legafaaa 3indinaa to the MAXIMUM. so I was closing those windows by normal posters of maps or what ever and my friend used calendar large pages, so we decided to get nice looking posters from Ikea. like our other friend.

She got lake view picture, its very nice one and calm looking, though she commented on it ( under every calm water there is a Beast!) .... o.O !! okay.... no its not a very nice picture :P

when I went to Ikea I found 3 posters that are the right size for the window posts. one of them was lake view as well. black and white with a destroyed bridge ........ didn't like it ... sheft'ha o inqemat galbi :/

the 2nd one was a view of rising sun. it was nice But, it had Fire range of Colors, all Reds and Oranges that are glowing with Fire. and since the pictures will be so close to our eye view. I figured it will be disturbing to hang those on.

so I left with the last one.. whether I like it or not. I have to take it... and I did. it's wintery with snow and snow animal families.... well. mashi 7alha. it's mostly white.

I hanged it and the place looks so different already. Now thinking about moving things around and changing the PC place and the seating. none of my cubic friends are here today, so I'm working by myself on this. hopefully they'll approve the change ;)

maybe I'll post some pictures later on. Maybeeeeee

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Mithos said...

Ruby you are a hard worker :P and try not to miss breakfast because it is the most important meal of the day, even though i miss it almost everyday :P

Bint ilKuwait said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL i'm glad that got ur post and no not maybe!!! we want sure!! we want to see it!!!!!!!!!!!

RuBY_GLooM said...

Mithos : thankss and sure thing. glad I am a breafast person
Bint ilKuwait : hmmm... maybe when I'm fully done ;)

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