Plants Vs. Zombies is now On DS.

The Addictive iPhone Game Plants vs. Zombies is now released for Nintendo DS.

I don't know if I should get it on DS or no. I already played the iphone version of it, its a cool smart strategy game, kinda easy for Hard Gamers. I like it cuz the animations are pretty well done as well.
for us girls the animation and the quality of the presentation of the game is on Top priorities when buying or playing a the game :P

If it only was made for 3DS XP.

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Mithos said...

Ruby you should make your own game and put it on App store or Nintendo :P

RuBY_GLooM said...

Mithos noo kafee 3alay el programming bel dawaam, I dont feel like doin more programming off work hours XP . ma3ana kil shay jahiz in the net u just combine what u need and u get ur game ;P
yallah u do it

Mithos said...

I tried walla using a program called Game Salad.. Bass ma 3araftla kelish ga3adt 3alaih 2 days o Madre shelsalfa :P what program language do you use :P ana A'7atht C++, Assembly Language, Multisim/VHDL, Matlab, o Next semester Ba3ad wa7ed Madre shesma :P I hate programming :P i love hardware :D

RuBY_GLooM said...

LOL! I hated assembly most of all languages u memtioned. I Loved programming. now I work on .Net base on visual basic programming and some java, also I work on sharpoint designer with some HTML. Good luck in ur courses.

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