louboutin Shoe Signing Event - 10th march 2013 - Kuwait

A day to remember
I was so thrilled when I recieved the invitation 5 days before the event day. I couldn't stop smiling and dreaming about this moment of meeting the red sole shoe artist,I've always thought about him as a true artist.

Mr. Louboutin, Thank you for being here and giving kuwait a chance in your shoe signing events!
thats what my 1st sentence for him.. Then he said : No, Thank YOU for being here for me. thank you for Your time!

He is such an awesome man. you can only admire every bit of him. then he started chatting with me about me .. I already posted a pic in insta about this topic, will include it at the end of this post.
So sweet of you Mr.louboutin, I will learn French and when I meet you again we will have the same conversation In french ;)

following is the photos from the event, and my shoe signed. with ( SHY) as a discribtion of me. he said once I saw you I said to myself this lady is shy! LOL. smart mr.louboutin! no wonder his shoe brand is so unique. ;)

my loub heel and Queen's i pad case.

Thank you Queen for helping me with the pictures part of this post :* you know I love you.

Last, The summery of what mr.louboutin thought of me.

and Peace.

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