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MAC Extra Dimension Eye Shadows

Lunar, Dark Dare, Blue Orbit, Modern Pewter and Young Venus

An eye shadows that will look as tense and new as Just applied. even after 6 hours or more.
those babies are for keeps!

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MAC Extra Dimension Mineralize Skinfinishes

3 Highlighting mineralize Skinfinishes That gives the right glow in one simple finishing step.

In Whisper of Gilt

In Superb 

In Glorify

Price ( 28$ each)
not released in Kuwait yet.

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Ruby Likes: The Kiss Painting By Shurooq Amin.

There are so many meanings behind this painting that caputred my heart!
Loved it.

check her website Here


Here is How I see the painting, My own personal understanding.

It is holding a mixture between the tradition rules and regulations along with the want to be loved. A kiss on the hand always means respect. the way the man is seated is modern and sexy. including ghutra as a traditional part. the way the women is seated shows how she is passionate about her man. while dressed traditionally head to before her feet, cuz her feet is dressed with modern sexy heels. the way they are holding hands. Mixing their fingers is So sweet and shows a real Strong Connection. And they are sitting in a living room which  represent society or a place where you socialize with other people. That shows the Want to Open Up about those feelings and the want to live a Love Story in such a hard Society.

That could be completely different that what the owner of the painter had in her mind. But, this is the way I personally see it.

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The Sixth Annual Grazia Middle East Style Awards

Got held On April 4th.

The stunning Madinat Jumeirah set the scene as the UAE's glitterati arrived in full force to attend the uber glam awards bash, which was hosted by British fashion designer Henry Holland and top model Poppy Delevigne.

Check out all the winners below!

Grazia ME Special Recognition Award: Christian Louboutin

Best Boutique: Bambah / The Zoo

Best Department Store.... To blow your salary: Saks Fifth Avenue
(T^T)  I want 1 million. yes I am not greedy.

Best Department Store to shop on a budget: Debenhams
I Agree! It Is The Best!!!

Best Shopping Destination: The Dubai Mall

Best Online Shopping Site: My

Best Shop to Spend Dhs500: Forever 21
Love Thier accessories <3

Best Shop to Spend Dhs1000: Zara
Zara Made a Statement by It current Collection.

Best shop to Spend Dhs1500: Karen Millen
Elegent! I Love This Store!

Best Regional Designer: ESSA

Best Local Designer: Lady Fozaza
She Earned It! Way to Go Fozaza.

Best international Designer: Chanel

Best Accessory Designer: Louis Vuitton

Best Shoe Brand – Luxury: Christian Louboutin

Best shoe Brand – Budget: ALDO

Best Style Blogger: Dipesh Depala for Red Velvet Nation

Most Stylish Reader: Alizey Mirza

Editor’s Choice: Fashion Moment of the year: Chanel Numero Prives

Fashion Personality of the year: Tala Samman

for full article click here

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Rubys' 11 Question Double Tag. @Q8allinone @Bero0q8

I've been doubled Tagged in The 11 question Tag,
So Let's do this .... I have 22 questions to answer here :P

1st Tag is from Our Blogger Friend Q8 All In one ..
for his post click Here

And His Questions are:

1- What 2 blogs do you visit or read most often?

BeRo0Q8 and MaskTales

2- What’s the funniest movie you’ve ever seen?

The Animation disney Tangled was very funny actually.

3- What would you do if you could be invisible for one day?

I donno .... Since I'm good in being invisible most of my days :P.

4- How long have you been writing a blog for?

Since 2009.

5- Where in the world would you like to visit and why?

Japan. It's a whole new world in there.

6- What blogger would you love to meet in real life?

The ones That share the same intrests as me, we could talk for hours.

7- What is your favorite restaurant?


8- Who is the person you admire the most?

One of the girls I know and love, For being So powerful in her life. more than one actually.

9- If you could travel back in time, what is the one place or event that you would aim to change?

K-univ. days, Cuz I didn't work hard on them. I wanna go back and work as hard as I can.

10- What was your favorite childhood television show?

Full House ... Ranzi and Ninja animes.

11- What is the best thing to happen to you as a direct result of blogging?

Open Up to my readers.  They know more of me than my real life friends and relatives.

2nd Tag I recieved is from the sweet Bero0Q8
Check her post Here

And her Questions are:

1. What's The Most Amazing Thing You've Accomplish In Your Life So Far?

You Know the answer Berrooooo ;)

 2. What's The True Blessing You Are Thankful For?

The same as the most amazing Thing in The 1st question.

3. If You Were An Actor In What Movie You Will Be In?

Grease for the activeness and Ghost for the love.

4. Do You Love Reading? If Yes What's You Fav. Novel Or Book?

I do. and I'm still searching for the one book that would capture my heart.

5. What's You Honest Point-view About Marriage?

It's not about how beautiful is the Icing on the cake. It's about how long Can you keep the cake Fresh.

6. If You Can Go Anywhere, Anywhere Where Will You Go To?

Again. Japan.

7. If You Were In A Bad Situation And You Can Only Have One Phone Call Who Will You Call?

Who I need are right on the balms of my hand.

8. What's The Thing You Can't Live Without?

Internet. That sums everything :)

9. Are You The Kinda Of Person Who Can Talk To A Random Person Sitting Next To You?


10. The Most Embarrassment Moment You've Been Through?

Many. Mostly outta Misunderstanding the whole situation.

11. Your Honest Thoughts About Me? ( Hehe )

I Love you girl, Never stop being the person you are. sweet, delicate, and of course.. an Angle
So Honored to be your Friends sweetheart xoxoxoxox

Aaaaaand We're Done.

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