GaGa Goes Pointy Nails for her new Video clip

The one and Only The LADY GAGA - she can go as crazy as your mind will/would/can think.
The song was released earlier this month ,
Her Look is So Epic! as usual .. and she wore her nails Pointed.
I posted before about pointy nails being the new summer trend
check it out Here

The easiest look on the eye :P from the video.

Now this is Aya Fukuda, She did Gaga's nails for the video, and what she has to say about working with Gaga is :

"Lady Gaga gives me so much inspiration. When designing her nails I always keep in mind her eccentric yet glamorous style. When I come up with designs I feel represent her, I'll show Gaga and we go with them if she approves. Making nails for her is so much fun and truly a piece of art."

and Guess what ... RiRi is wearing her nails pointed as well.
so I really have to ask again, will we see those nails on K-town Gilrs?
would you go for it?

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Bint ilKuwait said...

Wllah madrii:s ana 3adi atwaqa3 alf bil emya et9eer habaaa bes will i go for it? still dunno..

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