This Summer Color .. Orange.

I have not tried the color orange in any way in my life.
I don't have any piece of clothes that is colored orange,
None of my make up is orange .. peachy pink is the most Orange I have.
I haven't covered any of my cell phones or smart phones whith the color Orange.
The Only Orange that intrested me was the Hermes orange leather and when I was asked what color of Hermes you will get of you got a change to grap a Birkin or kelly ,, I answered ( Jeans blue) the light blue Hermes leather. not to mention that my favorite Hermes are ( Jypsiere ) and ( Victoria )
Sorry Orange you are not in my Comfort Zone.

If I Go with any thing Orange this summer ! I'll Cheers about it XP

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Bint ilKuwait said...

Min9ijich!!!! i have tried alllllll colors! and i've got oranges tooo! and Corals! it's an amazing color!! but i put them own but it depends on my mood! cuz most of my mood is pinkish nude!:p

RuBY_GLooM said...

Bint ilKuwait:
all orangish lipstick are very wrong on me.
o blush ,, 3indy the color ( peach ) from MAC, and soft apricote from No.7. Sheer blush 2 from Armani, still they are pinkish orange. Corals I use them when I wanna TANN Look cuz 7adda esammer :) fa when I say ma 3indy means ako one or 2 madre 3anhm . LOOOL

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