Oh No! mu min 9ijja !!

I was "as usual" browsing the net when I saw this picture in an american blog. with the comment below: 

( Oh hey, Murbarak. Nice pinstripes. Wait, what? Oh shit, those pinstripes are actually your name spelled over and over again. You’re a douche, no doubt, but that is some serious despot swag. )

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Mithos said...

Ruby just to let you know, we have that option in Kuwait, but it is a very expensive option especially if you want your name written in gold.I guess he doesn't trust the laundry :P

RuBY_GLooM said...

Mithos : LOL! la wallah, so I can make such fabric with my name in strips :P o gold threads ba3ad, OMG el nas 9ij me7tara eb nafs'ha ma tadree shetsawee XD

Bint ilKuwait said...

na3am? it's a very useless option ..;s

RuBY_GLooM said...

Bint ilKuwait : useless unless someone is so obsessed about himself XP

Mithos said...

Chaykaw El Video 3ayal :P


RuBY_GLooM said...

Mithos : 9ij OMG ! XP

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