Ruby Likes: House Of Harlow Accessories

I Love the design of House Of Harlow's Accessories, very unique and different :)
My favorite lines are the famous Sun burst and the Horse shoe.
I've listed some pictures of those lines beside some other lines by House of Harlow.
just a note, becuase this is a (Ruby likes ...) post I must say that  I always Find it Classier and more Style to wear those without swarovskies

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I'm a Traveler said...

eyanin el collection malhum ! way thakarteeni fi el shopping in the states :( ehni mako shay kamel ma eyeboon ela netateef

RuBY_GLooM said...

I'm a traveler : La et'thakreeni eb what we cannot get here.. wayed ashya.. I've been hunting those online. bs no luck... ham ma alga ela netateef.

New Bride said...

waaay eyanin ana mn zmaan a7b hal markaa bas 9a7 makoo waayed collection hne . great taste ;)

Anonymous said...

nice collection china kanaw mawjodeen in pink moon butique ??


Bint ilKuwait said...

i love them!! ekhtii got their bracelets!! and agree with u about the swarovskies!! ;/

RuBY_GLooM said...

New Bride: Thank u :** 7adha el marka 3ajbatniii

Star: hmmm ma thabbat etha ako in pink moon. I got my cc sky screw bracelets from them though. Love their store.

Bint IlKuwait: CooL 3alaiha bel3afya el bracelets, o eeeh sadaa wayed anzak 9a7! ma7ib f9o9.. unless they are real diamonds :P

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