That's What I Call Hope!

After a disaster like the Japan earthquake, rescue worker always work tirelessly in the hope of finding any survivors.

A young baby was rescued among the rubble in the shattered village of Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture.
The four-month-old girl had been swept from her parents’ arms in the shattered village of Ishinomaki when the deadly wave crashed into the family home.

For three days, the child’s frantic family had believed she was lost to them for ever.
But yesterday, for a brief moment, the horrors of the disaster were brightened by one helpless baby’s story of survival.

One soldier picked her up in his arms, wrapped her in a blanket which had been handed to him and cradled the child as his colleagues crowded around, not believing that someone as young as this had survived when all hope had been lost.

The tiniest survivor was cold and wet and crying, but she is believed to have suffered no other injuries. Why she did not drown remained a mystery.

That's a Small sized mericle, 7ayatee wallah! 9ij allah ma yensa a77ad. I can't imagen how her mom felt when her baby got away from her hands. that is the worst thing that can ever happen to any mom in the world.
Also, I can't imagen how she will feel and how will she see the world when she get to hold her baby again!

Keep up the good work rescue soldiers! miracles are hindings in between the darkness.

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Ra-1 said...

واي ببجي :(
سبحان الله !

I'm a Traveler said...

May God Help them :( There is nothing worst than natural disaster ...pray for japan

Bint ilKuwait said...

wyyyyyyyyyyyy :(((((((((((( La 7awla wela quwata ela bellaaa ....

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