Today's make up purchases.

This is not make up, I know but I couldn't resist these cute accessories from TopShop Freedom brand. A7ib sheghelhm :)

My daily Facial cleaning routine is from the amazing Kaneboo brand. The lovely lady gave me the bronzing cream as a gift, it's the pinkish box in the bottom of the picture.

Chanel day cream and eye cream are my best friends, o 6akhait mn el new make up collection Cham shaghla .. Details are on the next picture.

ORANGE lipstick, and ORANGE plush, eyaninooon on the skin, and the peachy paige face powder is outta this world. The lipgloss is pinky light bs honestly khathaitha 3ashan akhlu6a ma3a el orange lipstick ;P.
The eye shadows are very very very sophisticated in their colors and application. they can be layered to appear from morning delicate almost there color up to dramatic night sexy eye color.
Don't miss it girls ;)

O salamatkm XP

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Ra-1 said...

Enjoy :)

RuBY_GLooM said...

Ra-1 : Thank u sweets :*

Bint ilKuwait said...


3alaaaaaaich bil3afyaaaa loveee;***

I trieeeeeed Kaneboo before but now i am using more medical soap lOOOOl:p bes kan 3ajeeeeb

Loved all the Chanel Collection!

Great Job Girl!!;p 3ad tell us ur review about them!;p

RuBY_GLooM said...

Bint ilKuwait: allah e3afeeech 7abeebty , I've been using kaneebo for 7 years now :P LOL ma ghayyarta cuz merta7a minnaa,, o el make up eyaninnnn so soft in applying o ya36ee sheer glow 3ajeeeb XD

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