Ruby Joins .. Crush It Bloggers Circle.

Blog's world hot topic, the Crush it concept. What this book is all about! this is the 1st question that popped into my mind and still I'm puzzled about the knowledge it will give to all the members, what kinda post I'll be reading from my blog roll ? but ... wait .. I am member too! what kind of posts I'll be writing ?

In this post I would like to take a baby steps in Crush it, and post about my knowledge about two things, Blogs and "a Passion".

Blogs :

  I started reading Blogs by the time I had a twitter account, back at 2009. and the blogs I got to read where divided into two kinds, Story telling Blogs (personal or imaginary diary) or (News and updates) blogs. What I liked about those blogs was the way they pass information and life experiences to readers, and how the readers can instantly interact with the writer and give their feedback to him\her.

    By now, I have more than 90 blogs in my Google reader. and the list is just keeps growing, with blogs that is specialized in what ever crossed my mind.

    Before getting in the blog world as reader, I used to Google any topic that interests me to read about it and know more details or answer my questions, Now, I Google a Blog that talks about this topic, follow it and interact with the owner, which increased the amount of information I'm receiving.

My Blog:

   I still don't know how did this happen, how did I opened my blog. I'm shy and closed person in real life. I have few close friends that I hardly open up to. maybe to one of them or two. But the blog is here and I guess it was a moment when I decided to open up. I can see that from my First Post.

It's Still random, But I really hope to see it grow up and be a mature blog.  But it's my baby :P yes it is.

A Passion:

This conversation happened between me and my friend this evening:
(edited by me ,, you just need to know el zebda :P )

My Friend: Did you checked your email?
Me : Yes I did.well?
My Freind: What should we write about? how we're gonna do this?
Me: write about a passion? Go ahead and write about how great is Dark Vader is! XP
My friend : Haha! I also like Car racing, sky diving, Diving with sharks ..
Me: hmmm write about your dream, how you're gonna be an expert Diver and about having a Shark as a pet.
My Friend: Hahahahaha This is crazy!
Me: This is being Creative with your Dreams!
My Friend: That is insanity!

Passion ,,, Passion ,, How Far Can We Go with Our Passions?
Me : ... wait a minute! ... What is MY Passion?

(our heads pumps together) and we're repeating ,,, Passion!!

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Khalid Al-Zanki said...

Ops! I feel guilty for getting you in the circle of passion ;)

RuBY_GLooM said...

very encouraging ;D thank you

BeRo0Q8 said...

I so Love How You See Your Blog As A Little Baby.. Where you Take Your Time Slowly To Make It Grow..
Keep It Up Girl :D

RED_SONJA_Q8 said...

i loved ur post girl ! it explains alot ! and loved the funny conversation lol

RuBY_GLooM said...

Bero0Q8 , Sonja : Thank u girls :** {Hugs}

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