Rejuvi Versus SoSkin face wash.

Since the summer started. Last may to be specific. I faced a problem that I haven't seen ever be4 in my life .... Acne !!
El7imdellah 3ala kil 7al bs mashallah 3ala el jaw! ;(

Long story short, I had an alcoholic lotion and an antibiotic lotion as a medication for the acne. I've also needed a perfect face wash that would clean, reduce blemish and eliminate the appearance of acne.

Rejuvi and SoSkin face wash was highly recommended for me. And after a couple of weeks of me using them ...

The winner is ....... SoSikn face wash.

Both face washes can be found at any Boots branch.
prices : Rejuvi (10 KD) - SoSkin (12 KD)

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iMaGiNaTiOn said...

Sooooo, do you recommend it for me?
cuz i'm using this sea salt scrub for acne and black heads

RuBY_GLooM said...

scrub makes the acne worse, that's what the Dr. told me. the SoSkin worked better for me cuz it doesn't drys the skin too much as rejuvi. Both have great reputation for acne healing. from my personal use, I recommend soskin.

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