Why Happiness is a sad song!

Ruby-Glooom ,
An ordinary woman living in an extraordinary world.
welcome to my Blog!

Now this is something! That WILL and MIGHT Surprise Many I know!!!
Ruby makes a BLOG! ... ya3ni she will TALK !! SHE WILL SHARE A THOUGHT!

well, enough about that ,, previous note was meant to be for my friends who will know about this blog by accident! :)

Why, Happiness is a Sad Song! ..

Because life is nice! sweet! tender and giving! yes .. it's very giving! gives you exactly what you wish for ! ..... after kicking the hell outta your mind! shatters your heart and burn your soul!

Hopping for everyone to have a heart that can accept Life's Free Gifting.

.. it's an old saying.. No Pain , No gain! ,
So I'm not saying any new thing in here! it's well known!

Accept my humble Posts!
Thanks a million!

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New Bride said...

i will be reading all your post :) 7adaa bashta6 ma3aach ;)

RuBY_GLooM said...

Thaaaaaanksss dear :**

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