Almost done with "Reality Check" Novel.

I still have few pages left to read from the 1st book I've picked for @Q8BLend challenge.
Since I'm already not saying what is happening at the end so i've decided to write about it now.

I will just point out what's this novel is talking about looking at the big picture and not the particular story.

Let's say that you have your own business. It's the source of putting food in the table. ( in the novel she is a singer)
How would you deal with life obstacles? Such as :

-your doing great in your job. And your publicity hits the maximum, how would u keep it this way ?

- would you include your best friend and your life partner in this job?

- What if you had a fight with your best friend or left your partner ? Knowing that your job success highly depend on them. Would you cut them out or ignore your feeling and keep them in for the sake of ur work?

- What if you got in the ( I don't wanna work/ need a break/ I don't feel like it) mood, in the very wrong time where your job needs your maximum energy. What would you do?

- How will you deal with mistakes you do? Stupid mistakes that is.

- How would you take and digest the outer world feedback and judges about you in person or about your work? Negative reviews and positive one.

It's a very light and easy on the mind novel to read.

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BeRo0Q8 said...

Lucky you :D
o 7ada 3jabni concept al story..

RuBY_GLooM said...

Bero0Q8: tbh, I got bored at some points while reading, but the over all concept is great :)

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