What I'm reading For @Q8Blend Ramadan Challange.

This is the 1st day of Ramadan. And to those who decided to join Q8Blend's read a book challenge . This is the day u start reading ;).

About me, I was already reading a novel called ( Reality Check) still I have 100 more pages to finish it up. So this is the 1st book. And the second one I picked to read is a squeal of the Hollywood hit movie ( A confession of a shopaholic). It's called ( mini Shopaholic, like mother like daughter)

Why this book ? It's around 400 pages. :P can be read in one month beside khatm el Quran inshallah, which is priority 1. And the story is family related! Girly, Fun! And I really wanna know how she's gonna handle passing the shopaholic thing to her girl!
I'm gonna try to post a small review about each book when I'm done.

All the best luck o kil 3am o intaw ebkhair.

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