Crush it - Dress up your Passion with Inspiration -

 Inspiration is the spark to a new idea, a new beginning, a change to the better us, and it is the push to take your passion from (a dream on my mind) stage to the activation stage, and if its already an activated passion,  a good inspiration will take it to the next level.

When I was thinking about what stories I came across through my life, That did inspire me, in a way or another, I remembered many, but .. few of them was social media related. I choose to talk about 3 ... not only because of their inspiration, but those 3 stories also had a strong re-action from me personally ,, 2 made me go like (OMG OMG! ) and one made me go ( awww!!!! I want that too!).

How did my story Heroes Crushed It ? ..

In the 1st story, it's clearly that the Blog I'm talking about, started small from a certain fear, and a passion to get outta this fear, with time it got build up and became popular that people started to go to it. and .... read the story to know what happened.

In the 2st story, a random man, very normal one just like you and me, had a passion for music, and a passion of loving his family, he channeled his passion into YouTube. .. Read Story 2 to know if moving his passion to social media payed off.

In the 3rd story, It is an incident that happened to one of my best friends and she shared it with me, it happened to be a perfect example of Gary Vaynerchuk saying (Nothing is impossible with social media).

Let's Start our journey:

Story #1(warm up) : Blogging away Debt ! to check the blog click Here

I came across this blog by accident while I was googling financial topics for a work task I had to do(several years back I don't recall when exactly), It's about woman named Tricia who had a large amount of dept along with her husband, and they were only in there 20's trying to start their own business to help them pay their depts, but things wasn't going alright at the time I 1st checked the blog, the posts was about ups and downs, what tools or books they come across that would help them get ideas about how to get rid of this dept! I was like OMG! in their 20's and into all this mess!! how the hell they're gonna manage paying all this dept while they do not have a steady income, whats hit me is, el7imdillah our country really help us set a good stand when having a job! and what I told myself is ,, ( I will never be in dept! ) That is the wake up call I got from this blog, I should always live my life to the maximum with out killing my wallet and I will not get credit cards rather than the one I use for online purchases and while I'm abroad.

What was on my mind at that time is, hey did the blog for support, and to log their financial life so they can keep track of it. I didn't want to be in none of their shoes! I managed to be dept free to this very moment, el7imdellah. But I loved how did they seek and actually got all the emotional support that they need through the blog. it's like having the blog readers as a supportive family and friends, not to mention reader with knowledge that are willing to help you through your problems.

I never checked the blog after that day, until today!
surprise surprise! the happy couple are dept free since I donno when and the blog is a huge inspiration that another girl named Beks is the new owner of the blog with her own dept to pay and the story starts again, while Tricia started a new blog talking about her life after dept.  The readers number has gone high. How powerful is social media is, I don't know the inside story and the details of how did they payed the dept, but I am 100% sure that they would not done it the way they did without social media.

Story #2 (The Work out):

Reality Change's Vlogg YouTube channel -- to check the channel click Here

I received a Broadcast message via what's app iPhone application that held 3 videos and a comment saying ( Dad sings with daughter! cute!) .. I checked the videos and they were Super Cute!( to check one of the videos click Here) But the Question that came across my mind was.. where is the Mother?  So I logged into my YouTube account and checked where the video came from, just To Find out that The owner of this channel is a father of 2 cute girls who is also a musician, separated from the girls mother, but they are "Friends", and he get to spend some times with his girls, what he wanted to do is show the world how he is attached to his girls, and this vlogg is their own space, no one is allowed in but him and his 2 girls. he created his own small closed yet open to the whole world that holds all the love, Vlogging the Good times as he describes it.

 I am very inspired by this guy, he is still studying, and he is a very responsible father, very attached to his girls and he just used social media to show this off ( His passions are Music and the love of his girls). Just check the video hits he have! I know I am not the only one inspired by him ,,, I want to be as active, as lovable, as positive as Parent as he is!

Story #3(Cool down -True!): Nothing is impossible with social media - Gary Vaynerchuk

   In this story I have no proof of the truth of it but my words due to privacy issues since it's a true story that happened in kuwait, It's like a fairy tale that we only see at the movies, but it actually happened  a couple of months back.

  I have a friend who her father told her a secret of him having a wife before her mother, back when he was studying at the states and that he had a boy with her, She didn't want to come and live in Kuwait so the father divorced her and left the boy to live with his mother, he actually told her that and she shared it with me back when we was just mid school students. and naturally I thought that he was just kidding her and telling her a bed time story.
 I actually don't know how my friend had an idea of wanting to look for her brother, she went again and asked her father about more details about where his 1st wife was living and whats the name of his son, I told her that what are the chances that he kept his name! or that he still live in the same state! u r wasting ur time girl and it already been more than 30 years since your father came back to Kuwait and got married to ur mom.

Her point was ... No Harm will be done! I'll look for him in Social networking sites! ... and long story short .. She DID FOUND HIM ON FACEBOOK !!  she showed me the pictures and he even look like a sibling to her! I cannot say any more details, but he is visiting the family he never get to know! *very excited* !! FILM adreee ,, I will not blame any one of you if you didn't believe me ,,,
just believe that Nothing is impossible with social networking ,,

and how am I inspired by this story is ,,, Never lose hope! hold to the very least spark of hope ,, you never know what destiny holds for you. you really never know what could happen.

Peace .

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BeRo0Q8 said...

Really Loved What you Wrote up There..
I Was Kinda Lost What To Write But Now I Think I Have An Idea :D

RuBY_GLooM said...

Bero0Q8: I'm Glad my Post Inspired you :)

Khalid Al-Zanki said...

Outstanding and inspirational post :) This illustrates exactly how powerful is social media nowadays, how could you influence something positive in your society or community :)

RuBY_GLooM said...

Khalid: It's an unlimited world, Thank you for your comment :)

NewQ8 Bride said...

You are amazing dear , amazing stories

RuBY_GLooM said...

NewQ8 Bride: Thank you sweetie :**

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