Travel With Style : Jill-e Bag Collection.

Traveling Season is Here..

and I've noticed how K-town guys and girls are so much into Photography.
I Saw this website( Jill-e Designs) in our work multimedia magazine :P "aren't we cool :P"

anyways. I'm a person who always struggle with the carry bags that comes with any gadget I own.. from labtops to mobile phones, they are always black! leather/fabric plain ones! .. boring! and they suit Guys more.
In this website ladies Can find a carry pages for her DSLR and SLR cameras. and more.

Here are some of the bags that they offer in their online shop:

Meduim Brick Red Camera/Carry Bag

 Love how the inside is pareted so everything will be forced to be organized!

 I love the color of this one! Very Summery vanilla yellow! if I was an owner of a pro. Camera I'd definitely get this bag!
Fun and Functional - as described

Love the Fun colorful Camera Straps

Lens Bags In assorted Colors.

Shoulder Bags - Carry 1 Camera and less Gear.

Carry Bags for Slimline Cameras and Camcorders

 For Classic Style Lovers.

Vintage Leather Classic look one.

From the inside

I should Say that the Bags are not pocket friendly.
But that goes to the quality of the bags, thay are very functional and ( weather resistance ).

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