More H&M cosmetics

The make up range in H&M is expanding with more varieties from lip-glosses to nail polishes .. Foundations and even a bronzer in a huge compact golden case.
I bought what's in the picture above and can't wait to check out the face masks!
Btw, the blusher is to die for!!! A must have! Loooona eyanin ;D wayid 7abaita.

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Gold Medal Ribbon said...

LOOOOOOOOL 3alaich bil3afyaa 7abeebtii!!;** ekhtiii got the blusher from them! bes mu min ilKuwait;p o suwalef mask ma mask ma a7eb ajazif kilish khalena 3al 6ibi wayed a7sen;p bes tell us shlona!

RuBY_GLooM said...

Gold: allah y3afeeech .. when I see a single use mask atshajja3 akhth mnhm .. cuz tajruba o bs etha mu zaineen ma ekoon ako JAR 6a7 eb chabde :) LOL
I'll post about them when I use them inshallah

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