H&M blemish mud face mask.

It's a light gray mud, that dries on ur face within 15 minutes. Suppose to cool down ur skin and reduce belimish.
Rubys' try out:
During application, skin felt cold and relaxed.
After removing the mask with soft sponge and warm water, skin is highly irritating and blemish is 10 times worse.
My face feels very hot and itchy I think I'm gonna use an ice cube to cool it down.

Will I buy it again .. Of Course .. NEVER AGAIN ..

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star said...

wee salamat I bought this mask but don't remember if I tried it or gave it to my sis :/

Rembie said...

OH WOW 0.0 , maybe you're allergic to some of the ingredients in it .

RuBY_GLooM said...

Star: allah esalmich dear :*
Rembie : I had a hard time removing the dry mask, that process irritated my skin. X(

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