Learn lessons they didn't teach you in school

I got this bare minerals tutorial kit for foil eye look from Sephora. Along with other bare minerals products that I'm totally in love with .. But this kit is the most impressive one.
Dipping the brush in water, creating a shadow paste from the loose shadow powder is something I didn't try be4!
Loved this kit!!!

2 more left ... Go get it be4 it's GONE GONE GONE
I'll post about the other product later

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Gold Medal Ribbon said...

La7thaaaaa ma fahaaaaaamt!!!@@ how dooooo u use it?!

RuBY_GLooM said...

U dip the brush tip In water, then dip it the the miniral shadow.
Few of it is enough. The using the cover lid as a tray, u start mixing with the brush untill u create a paste ... This paste is what u apply on ur eyes . Thin layer or thick. Depends on how much u want it to shine ... There is also an explanation on how to use it as loose powder shadow.. :)
Intresting .. No?

Gold Medal Ribbon said...

ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa eee wayed! i must try it!@@

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