Dubai .. 1st day.

OMG! Naturally I'll say that I love Dubai .. I mean, who doesn't!
So I wanna share Some of what I did today ..

My mini kaneebo friends! Very useful gift I got from debenhams souq Sharq Kuwait :P came in very handy :)

Naturally I went to Dubai mall aquarium + fish feeding boat ride .. Snapped great pictures with my new canon which I can't post now! So will try to do so when I'm back to k town ..

Had lunch at chopsticks restaurant .. One word .. YUMMY!

The well known waterfall with silver men Which i hate! Kilish malhm da3i...
There was ( lazy town) kids show infront of it. Didn't catch the show...Yet.

7abeeeeeebi XD

Did some shopping ;)

Ham 7abeebi XD ... Thekrayat el 6ufoola in London .. Our dream toy shop!
Check sheno legait feeh!

Dark emo girls ... Wow!

Egoolokm ( freaky just got fabulous ) :P

This is just a few places from what I checked today.. I got warned out today checking Dubai mall cuz I didn't got a chance to visit dubai since it was open .. Last time I was in Dubai the mall was opening after few days of our leaving day.
So Let's say that I shopped today for a good 12 hours.

Anyways, we had an evening snack at social house and here is a little message from them

Good nights ..

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Star said...

waw dear it looks that you had soo much fun in your 1 day :) enjoy your trip to the max and shooooop

go to city center murdaf and have arabic coffee in bateel cafe you'll love it ;)

BeRo0Q8 said...

You Seem Had Alot Of Fun..
3alaikom bl3afyaa :**
Keep Us Updated Everytime you can :D

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