Ruby P2BK picks : My Cycle.

Those are the guys with the famous Kuwait old flag art.

I remember shooting it! But I could not find it ;(
Anyways .. Here is a shot of a vintage cupcake layers tray.

Very cute? Note the soda cap coaster. A piece of art created by recycling soda bottles caps.

Check those key chains.

Very sophisticated.

Now that picture frame.

Loved it.

They offer another kind of products .. Which is for bath and body. Provided from an American company called ( 100% pure ) . All ingredients used are organic.

I toke an eye cream ( so far so good ) I'm using it for a week now. And a rose water spray .. Which is a normal rose water in a spray bottle.

I'd recommend the eye cream.

Give there site a visit for more details about what they have in stock :)

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