DrawSomething Updates.

Here are the list of the latest upcoming updates to the addictive application Draw Something:

-Sharing drawings on Twitter and Facebook.

-Save drawings to your devices' photo library.

-Notifications for Android devices.

-Increase of the max streak from 99 to 999 (you guys are rocking it!). (They mean Rose_Q8 and Me :P )
-Pull down to refresh game status.

-UNDO button for your last brush stroke.

-Even better performance.

-More words.

-And a slew of other fixes and tweaks.
Issues like the following and more will be fixed in our upcoming update!
-Coins, colors, and bombs not displaying (If you don't see them right now, don't worry, your stuff is safe!).

-Games crashing or getting a black screen.

-Bugs that prevent you from completing your turn.
Keep drawing ;)

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