Calling all shiny faces ;) Ruby to the rescue!

Ruby would love to share .... cuz sharing is part of caring :P

My followers know already that I had a face problem during last summer. that was diagnosed as ACNE .. then turned out it was allergy, then at the end it was a kind of Eczema .. finally having the right treatment in my hands. My problem is 90% Gone. and al7imdellah I am happy.

anyways, During the last 6 months I saw 4 dermatology Doctors.  I will not say that some of them were bad and others were good. I'd sum it up that I have recieved a useful information from each one of them.

Giving credits to only 2 of them. who knew that my face had allergy. and disapointed in the other 2 who said it was Acne. eeh kaifi I'm judging here.

now this is totally not related to why I'm posting right now .... so lets get to the point.

One of the Drs. ( the 4 of them were Ladies, #justSaying ) recommended a medical face morning routine that reduces excess face shine and grease. in order to always have a fresh look. and protect your face from the heat and sun.

I've been using these products for over a month now. and I am Very Happy with them.

The brand called 2L (Tuel). you can find it in pharmacies.

Product 1 ..

Purifying Cleaning Gel: 

Removes make-up ! for heavy make-up you will need to wash your face twice! although this is not the purpose of it. it's a wash. not make up remover. but It does it pretty much very well! result is a FRESH face! not dry ! just CLEAN.

Product 2 ..


This is step 2 of the morning routine, its a serum. that feels a bit dry after applying it to the face. but it is suppose to feel like this. cuz this guy is what gonna keep your face shine free all day long.! you don't need a make up primer when using it. thats another plus to it.

Product 3 ..

Oil Free Essential Protection:

A moisturizer with SPF 30. Oil Free but very very moisturizing ! and makes a good make up base as well. I have nothing against it.

Beening on those 3 products for over a month now. my make up stays Fresh for longer time.
 I use them EVERY Morning. Highly recommend. Upon my personal usage ;P

note that I have mixed face type. oily at the T zone and dry everywhere else.

Last but not least, They hold very reasonable prices.

Thats it.

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star said...

allah ye3eenich 4 doctors!? I would suggested dr.Ibrahim el3aradii or dr.Ahmad Rasheed

but el7mdallah that your in the way of solving the problem oo enshallah ma tred lich mara thanyah :**

RuBY_GLooM said...

star : Thank u dear :) the best one of them is noura el9laili, cuz she knew it the minute she saw my face, o 3ilajha is effective :)

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