How did I treated Myself this Holidays.

Every Christmas, I take a ride on the internet. Browsing the shopping sites for all the special releases, and I choose some unique stuff to treat myself with.
This year, The collection was small but pretty unique.

In the picture above is what I got for myself.

On the very right side of the picture is a lipstick I've always wanted. check back ( Here ) and ( Here ).
I have proven to myself, that I will get what I want no matter how/when/where and how much it might cost, cuz this lipstick was sold out since day "one" of its release. I'm happy I got me one. :)

Next to the lipstick you can see M.A.C liquid eye Liner with its brush. If its avialable here please tell me, cuz I never knew there is one from the first place and it's .. to DIE FOR! eyaninnnn so black! XP

Then comes the Big Box of Harajuku Lovers small character perfumes. dressed specially for 2010 holidays.
They are 5 cute girls, wickedly dressed and smells Sooo GOOOD, the 5 of them are great, gonna have one by one in my purse. sadly they are only 10 ml each. and its expensive for the amount of perfume. But as I fell in love with them, I say screw the money XP. more about Harajuku lovers ( Here )

Last Item on the left is Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion. for a long lasting color and even more vibrant color. apply a small amount of this primer before your favorite eyeshadow ... Girls ... I wanna have 10+  from this item. eyanin!! it even makes blending more than one shade of eyeshadows much easier. read more about the product ( Here )

That's it ;D

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Bint ilKuwait said...

UMBAAAAAAAAIH I WANTED THE URBANDECAY FOR A LONG TIME!!! 7atan gilt khala9 i wont have it!!!!! ib chem khathaiteeh? and how long it takes to deliver? and about the lady gaga lipstick and the other one ..they already have a similar one's that's why i didn't bought them ;p

RuBY_GLooM said...

LOOL! about MAC ee galat li salesperson in MAC marina enaa benazloon similar color bs ana abee el signed one :P GAGA LOVE :P <3
wel urban decay 6ala3 3alay about 20$ o toke about 3 weeks to arrive. gonna order more wallah eyanin!

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