Meet The New Girls Habba, Silly Bandz.

This is what have been going on and around kuwait schools, private and public ones, Silly Bandz is the new Girls, teenagers and early 20's girls habba.(( Yes I set the ages myself XD ))
Silly Bandz are Classified in the web as ( The Hottest toy of the Year! ) ..

Though the lovely SJP is wearing 'em too. I think They Look Cool on school girls ( KG to Uni.)
Budget friendly, Funky colorful trend, That can be found in many many shapes and even movie themed as disney toy story 3, Tinkerbell or Cars.

enjoy 'em.

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Bint ilKuwait said...

Be9eer habaa we all know it.. bes personally ma 3ijabni;s

Ra-1 said...

I found them in Fantasy World, sharet 7ag el teenagers :)

RuBY_GLooM said...

Ra-1 : yes they are toys. and had #1 toy of the year for 2010. cool for teenagers and smaller kids.
Bint elkuwait: I will not like 'em on older ladies ..

Kuwaitiful said...

I frankly hate this 'habba', cause my friend who happens to be a 21 year old guy wears them, they look so silly on him, they are silly. They look childish and thats who they are for, children.

Anonymous said...

yeah i've got all the collection of the silly bandz from Europe they are AWESOME!!!!!!!

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