Word from here and There, Again.

My Plane is to forgive and forget: Forgive myself for being stupid and forget you ever existed.

Life gives answers in 3 ways: It says YES and gives you what you want, It says NO and gives you something better and it says WAIT and gives you the best.

لا تبكي و لكن ابتسم و دع الدنيا تبكي من جبروت ابتسامتك

سألوني من تثق فيه؟ حرامي وإلا خاين؟ قلت أكيد الحرامي لأن الخاين يعرفني و خاني لكن الحرامي لو كان يعرفني ما باقني

اتّخذ طاعه الله تجاره تأتيك الأرباح من غير بضاعه

Every day is a gift, Thats why its called the present!

The good times of today are the sad thoughts of tomorrow

Girls know how to fake a smile, Guys know how to fake their feeling, True? No?

Love can only exists of you believed in it

Don't wait to the ideal time to begin something, make that ideal time and start.

تحت الورد شوك؟ أم فوق الشوك ورد؟

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