Looking for the right foundation? By M.A.C

Today, I've received an email from M.A.C cosmatics introducing a new feature in their website.
This feature helps you find the right foundation for you, regarding the coverage, Finish and color.

From my personal experience with M.A.C foundations, the shades are wonderful and the coverage is very controllable by you. whenever you want more coverage. Add a layer and it will blend perfectly. that's if you choose a medium coverage foundation and wanted a full coverage for parties.
M.A.C foundations are specially formalized for shootings and Big events, I would not recommend them for a daily use. even their sheer coverage foundations tires the skin.
at least tiers my skin :P .

Anyways, I tried the foundation finder and my result was
" Mineralized foundation SPF15"
in shades ( NC 15, NC 20, NC 25)
I liked that they gave me the green light to use 3 shades, in case I wanna give my look a Tan Look. That's the right range of colors to use.

Love M.A.C
Go ahead and Try Foundation Finder

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New Bride said...

ooh thank you so much , i really need that now ;)

RuBY_GLooM said...

Ur welcome dear, Inshallah you find it usefull in a way or another :)

Bint ilKuwait said...

WOOOOOW Perfectoo for mee!!:D

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