Book I read: نساء "م" رجال "م". for @Suha_AlAwadhi

    One of the Books I owned during the time of Kuwait BookFair(2012) is Suha Alawadhi's Book ( نساء م - رجال م) .. This book is Suha's 1st release which was back at 2006. and to be honest, I didn't buy it from the fair.
I got it from an outside source. (Thank U!)

It's the kind of book that says, Quality over quantity. when I 1st handled the book, I had in mind that I will finish this book in one night. gonna be light and a sweet read.

but I was half wrong.

Front cover

this book is not only light and sweet, it holds deep meanings and true stories in each segment you read.
whether you are a lady or a gentelman. you will find at least one page in this book that reflects your image in it. a mirror image.

If not. each segment you read or each chapter you go through makes you wonder, if this is a closure to a long struggled story, or the begining to an unknown adventure.

Suha made me go though her pages more than twice, her words make you open up your imaginative self. and  make you  look between the pages to find which (woman/man) reflect you or part of you.

Though the book is devided into 2 main segments. one talking from woman point of view and the other part, from man point of view. you will find both "feelings" in each page. you may even find a man side that reflects you even if you are a woman urself. and vice versa. cuz feelings and heart doesn't know a gender.

back cover

Now I know what to call this book. It's a book of feelings. Thats the way I see it. thats the way I read it, and enjoyed it.

Thank you Suha for the catchy writings. Thanks for the dedication.
Thanks for your Free second release I read and also loved back in 2010. - (البوصلة).

Download the e-book by clicking Here

Writers Info:

Twitter : @Suha_AlAwadhi
Instagram: @TheDreZZ


I have not finished reading the book yet.

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