Ruby Likes : adagio Music in all of it's versions.

Adagio .. Italian based word refers to music played slowly.

could not find much more of it. though I believe it means something maybe to the christian culture,  or not, cuz  I found the same song style in almost all languages. sang by ppl with strong voices and Opera abilities.

hope you enjoy as much as I did!

Update : The dear friend Amani tweeted this info to me ( adagio is composed by the Austrian composer Franz Schubert, It's not a song bs later they added lyric to it and then it became a song)

Italian version :

English version:

Arabic version:

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Ali Sleeq said...

Actually, Adagio is a musical term and a tempo marking indicating that music is to be played slowly.

The songs are derived from this meaning. :)

RuBY_GLooM said...

Ali: thank u for ur comment and yes the definition u gave is what I've read in wikipedia, yet if u listened to the song .. U hear them do pronounce ( adagio ) while singing. That what made a question mark over my mind ;P

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