Ruby Hates: Kuwaiti Business profits over rated.

I got This BC several times in the past couple of days..

( evening gawns from USA .. new collection 2012 .. sizes 2 to 14 .. prices 100-350 KD)

What I do ... all the time .. is check and compair the prices ..

I mean ... There are still a quite large percentage of girls who doesn't know how to go online and order these days .... please ..... ALWAYS ADVICE to go and at least check on the real prices ON LINE.

see if the Business makers are getting a reasonable profits ! ...
So I randomly picked a dress from the collection .. asked about it .. they priced it as much as 250 KD ..

and found it online as the picture below ..

82 KD .....
and sold for 250 KD ? laish inshallah sha7neena lekm eb 10 minutes ? ...
u wanna make a business ... go ahead allah ewafegkm ... bs allah ma yertha bel 7aram!
make a reasonable profite ...

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