How to adjust the size of a Video to fit the Blog post space.

Hey PPL.. It's been a while.. I've been in instagram most of the time :) But I didn't forget my dear blog roll .. I've been checking my dear friends posts all the time :)

been seing this a lot while reading posts with videos in them .

The scroll bars are kinda annoying ..
youtube videos used comes in sized when embed. we can choose the size you wanted. but I don't see this option anymore.
I'd like to share how to adjust the video size when posting it .. sorry if you already know that :P but there are alot of ppl who doesn't like to touch the code.


You canmodify the size in the posting page as follows:
when choosing ( HTML ) tab and pasting the embedding code you copied from youtube or any other video source. go ahead and change the integer number that comes after ( width =" "  )
you can also change the height if u like to. though changing the width only is enough. the video adjust itself to it.

click on the picture to see it clearly.

enjoy the energy

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