Roses .. Latest Tea Habba.

It's not a new Tea lovers habba. But it always okay to mention this for those who haven't tried it yet.
drop 2 or 3 "or more if u like" of those dried mini roses into the tea thermos. along with ur favorite tea brand ( traditional non flavoured red tea) and enjoy it. it will not effect the tast much, but the smell of rosy tea is Heaven :)
enjoy Tea Lovers.

Caution: this tea twist is only good for "In the mood to indulge" Tea lovers.

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star said...

عاد توني شارية جيس كامل روز من مطحنة الدولية بجرب طريقتج وفي بعد جاي ريحته تينن على ورد مخلوط خالص في tea gschwendner
بس عيبه أن لوس ليفز

وهم توني شاريه لافندر مجفف ريحته سبااا تينن بجرب أحطه مع الجاي وراح أقولج النتيجة


Mithos said...

Walla Wede Ajarbha Ruby. Ako coffee shop esawooona Wela lazem Asawee at home ? :P

iMaGiNaTiOn said...

I have to try this

RuBY_GLooM said...

Star: Lavender tea! that's a big twist, please tell me how it goes :)

Mithos: la 3adee just go buy the roses mn ay ma67ana o ge6 2 or 3 bl ma6ara .. :P no need for a coffee shop XP

Imagination: And please tell me if u like it or not. need a Male's point of view ;)

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