Ruby Tries Out Abode Photoshop Elements 9

What I Like About My Work Is That You Get to Try The latest Programs, For FREE ! LOL.
Of course these programs will not be installed to any emplooyer's PC unless It's Related to his/her work.
So I lightly Use photoshop in my work.
But I decided to give it a try o at3abbath eb photoshop elements 9.
I followed some tutorial in the net to do a website banner, o added my own effects.
TaDaa !! LOL .. very simple 1st attempt ..

Now I'm Gonna spend some More time and make a banner for my Blog.
Inshallah I'll manage doing something special XD

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BeRo0Q8 said...

yab5tch :P ana ma3rf 7g alphotoshop :P
bs really loved your new banner :***

RuBY_GLooM said...

Bero0Q8: 7adda sahil :P wel effects wel add-on's waydeeen bl program, bs I was lucky to get it from work. ;)

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