Ruby Likes: Colin Stuart

Shoes addiction .. ? actually it feels good when a girl realize that she has a shoes addiction !
cure? No Thank You Very Much :P

And when it comes to budget friendy execelt Shoes ... ? Bring it ONNNN ...

Colin Stuart design the Most Comfortable Sexy/edgy Sandals and Boots.
This summer I ordered One shoe . Just to give it a try ...

It was Strappy Studded Sandal in the below picture,, I got the Black one.

Very Very Lovely on the feets and Vey Comfy. I'll wear  it to what ever and whenever !
only problem I faced with it is .... DESTROYED STREET GAR.. painnn in the head.

So .. I got compliments about the shoe in the last party I've attended. so I said between me and myself . I gotta check the fall/winter collection .. and the Clearance as well !!
so I logged in my account in Victorias secrets website ... Shoe section ..and started adding to my shopping bag ...

here is what I liked ..

 CrissCross Studded Sandal -- I got the Mustard color.

Strappy Sandal -- Guess which color I got? .. kilhm 7elweeen :P

CrissCross Sandal - Got the Pewter one 

Wrap Sandal - Got this Nude one .. the other color is Black

Strappy Espadrille Sandal - Got the yellow and this shoe is on sale for 40$ ( Half priced!)

Hatha 7abaitaaa wayed - black one - bs ma 6alabta cuz I Cant wear any closed shoe! wela ako anckle boots and boots Mu 6abee3eyeen bl collections.
So I end up ordering 5 pairs after elemenating the boot ;~(
abeeeh 3ajebniii :P its so meeee
go ahead girls and check the site for a great comfy budget freindly shoes ;) 

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LadyB said...

Nice, I'm soo jealous !
but i'm not buying shoes, i got 5 new pair the past month :/

RuBY_GLooM said...

LadyB : Get some more :P shelmoshkila..It's the shoe addiction post ;P

yousefq8 said...

The first pic, those black ones are so swag.

Third pic, the red ones are insanely sexy. Wouldn't be able to control myself if a girl was wearing those around me. :P

Nice choices!

RuBY_GLooM said...

yousefq8: Thank you and yes I totally agree the red shoes is HOT !

LadyB said...

I didn't wear them yet, does wearing them in the shop counts? :P

RuBY_GLooM said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
RuBY_GLooM said...

LadyB: loool no that doesn't count ;) .. Ma estaw3abt awal shy XD

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