Dubai .. Day 3

Sheno sawait elyoum.. I had as much fun as yesterday and the day be4, I really should push myself to come here more often. And re-rank it to a much higher priority.. Anyways .. Randomly shopped today. And gonna share some pictures I snapped

I really forgot the name of the shop, but liked those killah classic fabric pumps .. The sale was very tempting .. One pair for 99 dirhams !! Wow.

Energy and killah flats . Sporty and colorful . Also on sale.

7a9eeelti mn Hershey's world! I dont like the normal milk chocolate kisses. They taste weird. So I got the dark chocolates only and my love the salty peanut butter centered chocolate Reeses.

Had a sweet snack and coffee at Shakespeare's and Co. , the seating is lovely and this is the menu cover. Love the victorian style of the whole cafe.

Yummy yummy the caramel cake was amazing . The cheese cake was heavy to my taste cuz of the cheese used in it, but it was above average taste. The 3rd sweet elee ma la7agt a9awra wala athooga cuz it was gone with the wind in 30 seconds was a strawberry shortcake called (strawberry) in French (frais-ier).

The last store I've visited today, book world is definitely on of my favorite stores and I'm so going there again! Bacher 6ab3an :P

Bookworld but they have an amazing action figures collection!

Wonder woman :P my favorite DC hero. Along with superman.

iPhone flash .. Sorry.

I read in lady_b blog a great reviews about this righter .. So I decided to read some of her novels..
Manga ... There was a great collection !! Millionz of them! It was hard to decide what to pic .. So I toke gossip girls , inshallah ma at7assaf.
Bookworld feeh fanaaaateq o shaghlat ghareeba ..

This diamond ring is a book mark !! 7abaitaaaaaaaaa ma qawamtaa
Shakli bacher baroo7 akhith lon thani.

Lastly, I got this email from polkalicious.. Disney couture launched pirates of the Caribbeans Collection

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Abdul-Aziz said...

Shakespeare's sweet looks yumy, bl3afya
& that book world is really amazing

Rainy said...

i want the super women i want the super women noooooooooooooow

RuBY_GLooM said...

Abdulaziz: It is very yummy, I tried many of there sweets in 2 visits to it kilhm 7elweeen. o the book world is my new love :P
Rainy : yallaaah GO Get it !! etyaninn el super woman!

LadyB said...

Diamond book mark seriously !
How come I didn't see it !

RuBY_GLooM said...

Lady_b : it was near every cashier counter , how come u missed it!
We bougt the 3 colors .. White, pink and red color diamond :)
Inshallah u will have a chance to get one .

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