Ruby Joins Q8Blend "Read A Book" Ramadan Challange.

My Bloggers and Twitter Friends as we call them " The Blends" are Having a Ramadan challenge.

The Challenge is about reading a book "beside khatm el qur'an" in the Holy month of Ramadan

I'm so Up to it! I love books and I adore reading, It is my magical secret wonderland, where there is only me. And everything else is scene formed by the words written in the book I hold in my hand and rest into my lap,  while the book is set in my lap it's warms me up with all the feelings, thoughts, dreams and wrap me up along with my mind with life experiences, knowledge and Fantasy.

I cannot thank the blends enough for such a perfect challenge.
I'll keep sharing my experience with this challenge through the month of Ramadan.
kil 3am o intaw ebkhair

for more info about the challange check the belnds Post

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BeRo0Q8 said...

I'm so in thier challenge loved the idea..
I'm still looking for books :P

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