Ruby Likes : What Should I Read Next? website.

When ever I finish up reading a book. the 1st question that pops into my mind is: What should I read next? though I have a pile of books that I didn't read yet. Sometimes I love the book I've just finished and would love to read a similar book that I'm sure I will love too!.
I found this site while googling.
simple. very useful website.
all you have to do is enter the name of a book you really like, then you will get a list of suggested books for you to read next.
there is also a book store. but I haven't invistegate that part of the site, yet.
check out what should you read next by clicking Here

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Gold Medal Ribbon said...

wooooow very clever idea! bes 7asafa lo i love reading books that much chan i used it!;p

RuBY_GLooM said...

Gold : When your done from college books, you might find urself grabbing a book and reading it.. then ,,,, wa7id yes7ab el thani :P thats what happened to me :P

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