Kuwait Fashion Street Loves : Zara Blazers.

 The Hot Pink one

The Orange one

Love those Blazers. If you had a chance to grab one of them or both, you're a lucky lady, cuz these babies are running outta stock like lighting.
Good news is that Zara do restock quite enough times. But I donno about those lovely blazers.

I've seen them on girls quite several times while I'm out, I Liked how every girl pulled a trendy look with it,
seen it with skinnys, boyfriend jeans, crop pants, some girls added a scraf to it,
rolled sleaved or unrolled ones.
the choices are unlimited.
so. have u grapped one for u?... not yet?
about me ...NO ,, NOT YET !

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LadyB said...

I got the orange one wore it with scarf, jeans & summer boots ;)

Rainy said...

i got that orange also the dark orange , red , baby pink , but i missed the pink ? is it still available?

RuBY_GLooM said...

LadyB : stylish as always mashallah 3alaich ;)
Rainy : both colors are hot hot hot !! O wallah madreee I didn't had a chance to get any of them. I'll keep on checking back in Zara

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