I Will Not Be Like You, My Idol Lady!

When I recalled what happend to my Idol. the Lady I always looked up to.
I found out that ... "in details that I didn't go through before".

1- All what she wanted is to be a team with her husband and kids. to be a successful team in the role of life.
2- She really Loved her husband and adored her kids. putting them 1st in her life priorities.
3-Most of her Sentences were ( We are a good team. We work well with each other, We are successful. I have energy, I want to do alot and achieve alot in my life. I love my boys).
4- She always felt and acted as she own the world. and made the best outta what she owned.
5-She was 19 years old when her lovely "Team" journey began.

What happend? ... Life doesn't always go the way you want it.

1- Media focused on her, more than her Husband. That camera men changed their positions when they knew she is on the other side and they are on her husband's side. she said ( It makes me feel bad! I ask myself how bad this is making him feel?). Her husbands hated this and she felt that She is to blame.

2- Her own words was ( Why ppl wanted to know what I am going to wear? or what my hair will look like!? such a silly thing to look up to!).

3-  Book released with her secretes revealed. she said about the author ( He was a close friend. I trusted him and Talked alot with him. It hurts to find out that all what he ever wanted is to make money outta our so called friendship).She thought that it was so stupid of her and blamed herself.

4- Another women gets in her life and try to get all what she have. she said ( We were 3 in this merriage, and it will not work out unless we are 2).

5- Bad moods. no one cared to even talk to her about her! what about her? what about how she felts? no one ever cared to even talk to her and support her? not even after her "baby delevering" depressions result : serious depression that required heavey medications.

Results :
1- I don't wanna be separated from my husband, there got to be a way to make it work! if not for me.. for my boys!

2- Now that I am separated from my husband. I know I will find a way to make it work. I sat and talked with the boys about separation. they must know everything before the media speaks.

3- Why don't you get a divorce? Won't it solve almost all your problems? she said (Yes But, What about the Boys?)

4- Finally She did get a divorce that she never wanted. but lived with it.

5- She meets someone who "Cares".But ....

6- She dies at age 36.

I Look up to you. You are one of a kind women. IDEAL one. but you are not made for this world.
So Sorry my Dear Lady. Wish you was a bit selfish. just a small bit. and put "You!" before others.
You are One Of a Kind Princess. I LOVE YOU. but will not do half what you did. will not feel half what you felt for others.

R.I.P Princess Diana.

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