Read ..

( Imnowhereinyourlife)

What did u read??!!

1) I'm no where in your life ?
2) I'm now here in your life ?

Just a beautiful way to say...
Think positive !

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iMaGiNaTiOn said...

well , well ,well , first of all nice post.
main point now : about thinking positively !!! I used to think in a positive way for every situation . when ppl tell me not to do a certain action I only think of it as * oooh , they do care about me * I haven't thought of the idea of them being jealous of me. I always believed that thinking positively will do the trick , even when i decided to love * it was admiring not even reached love * :( I always made excuses for the other party without even knowing her . what I'm trying to say here is thinking positively is good , but you have to look for the negative part in every situation.

RuBY_GLooM said...

Imagination: That’s an excellent comment actually, but you have to be positive thinker about the things concerns you only. but if the situation consist of other ppl giving their opinion to you. or trying to guide you, here you have to be alerted and keep ur eyes open to who is speaking to you. do u trust him/her or no. cuz jealousy is destructive.

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