Internet World , now and then!

Then : -

I was just 18 , moved to a new world by joining Kuniv. seen new people , know new thing! live a new life with an adventure everyday ! ... literally .. EVERYDAY!

As a computer science student, I was introduced to PC's and Internet pretty soon! like 1st month of me starting collage,, hatha etha mu 1st week!! ... back then, internet was SO NOT FAMOUS!
one of the older students , made me join her account and showed me all about it ,,, email . browsers and chat rooms! ... and when ever I mention this sentence ( I am 18 years old) , the only respond I get is ( WHAT ! THAT YOUNG AND U R INTERNETING!!!) (esh3arrefich bel net?) and in kuniv chat rooms I was always referred to ( the youngest user !!!!! )

I knew my BEST FRIEND through the net ! .... this sentence stuns anyone I tell. why ? really I don't know! , they become speechless , while I say ( yes! it's true!) and my friend say ( Yes! It's no joke!) .. but the silence and speechlessness continues ..... ;/

Computer science and internet became a part of me! ... I loved all the strange languages I'm learning and found myself doing loads of programs ( long and complicated) with out feeling any stress on my mind! .. then I knew that this is what I should do in my life!

also found myself registering in each and every site out there !! ... just wanna check it out ! to bad I don't keep records of them! .. I'd make a novel outta usernames and passwords !!! ...

and life goes on ...... till I see today :-

Yesterday's interview on Al-Watan TV ,, with those 2 hard working bloggers !! blushberry and p0ach !! (with a zero)!! and the younger Blogger ma 3araft esma!! :( ... shagoool !!! very dedicated ! can't find a more suitable word ! because in my opinion , to be successful in any aspect of your life ,, you have to dedicate yourself to it ! ... and of course ,, love doing it .

The interview caused me to recall my relation with the net world ... back then when I was just a teenager, until now !! grown up working woman and wife! .

Now I see , how not knowing internet is SO NOT FAMOUS! ... even a 4 year old can use a mouse :) and demand a laptop! :P .. and everyone knows that I met my best friend in internet and be So cool with it (7arakaaat!) :P .... and when I say I work in IT ! ,,, no one goes like ( what do u do ?????) .. bel3aks !! I hear ( eldenyaa kilhaaaa IT !!!!!????) ... that is So CooL :P .

what else can I say ...... IT IS SO COOOOL ! :P

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Neoark said...

infamous is for bad reputation and famous.

RuBY_GLooM said...

common and not common ....

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