Ruby Likes: The Kiss Painting By Shurooq Amin.

There are so many meanings behind this painting that caputred my heart!
Loved it.

check her website Here


Here is How I see the painting, My own personal understanding.

It is holding a mixture between the tradition rules and regulations along with the want to be loved. A kiss on the hand always means respect. the way the man is seated is modern and sexy. including ghutra as a traditional part. the way the women is seated shows how she is passionate about her man. while dressed traditionally head to before her feet, cuz her feet is dressed with modern sexy heels. the way they are holding hands. Mixing their fingers is So sweet and shows a real Strong Connection. And they are sitting in a living room which  represent society or a place where you socialize with other people. That shows the Want to Open Up about those feelings and the want to live a Love Story in such a hard Society.

That could be completely different that what the owner of the painter had in her mind. But, this is the way I personally see it.

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