Ruby Likes : Blue Noad a.k.a alghawa9a alzarqaa'

Space Carrier Blue Noah . الغواصة الزرقاء

A Vintage Arabic dubbed. Anime that we all enjoyed when we was little kids.
But watching this anime again when I'm older. made me realize a lot of things that I didn't see or understand when I was a kid.

The idea . gives you the understandings of being just like most of other sci. Fi. anime. Aliens from outta space wanna take over the earth, and ppl of the earth saves it by their strong welling to survive, and wins against the high tech. invaders.

But with Blue Noah you can find a lot of different aspects and lessons to be learned.

lets start with a short Bio about the story, I'll try to keep this post simple and sweet. I'll TRY! :P

In year 2025 .. A death force called the Gotham has arrived near earth. Those Gotham has lost their planet. And was desperately searching for a new planet to live in. so they chosen to invade the earth to make it their new home.

Earth climate was not suitable for the Gotham to live in. they couldn't breathe Oxygen and the Gravity of earth was too light for them. so they needed to destroy the greens "to lose all Oxygen. and change the earth climate all over to make it suitable for their livings.. That’s why.. They have set a several scientific centers around the earth. That is responsible of changing the climate.. Using earth ppl as slaves to get the work done.
Blue Noah was build to the emergency cases. such as this case. as earth was aware of Gotham approaching earth. but it wasn't completely build. it was a submarine, and needed to be modified to be a spaceship.

so the main story line goes where Blue Noah needs to travel from Japan to Bermuda triangle where N9 center is there with everything that needs for this transformation..

What is different in this anime storyline...

1- Blue Noah could have traveled from center N1 to center N9 .. With no troubles as it was not discoverable by radars.. so the travel could have toke place smoothly and with no problems along the way.. BUT

Young men and leaders of Blue Noah toke actions along the way ... they destroyed all Gotham centers, save ppl along the way. Plan their actions very well. With very reasonable and not so sci. Fi technology.

unlike other anime where earth does not take action unless it is being attacked... blue Noah toke the right actions in the right times and saved earth as it suppose to be.

2- The Gotham story is a unique one and with a Huge message. the leader of (qamar el gotham) which is the satellite they live on and traveled to earth with. he was a smart person with a lab to work on. he build this satellite to save his ppl. because their planet was destroyed. and he promised them that this (qamar el gotham) will be the perfect home.
along their journey in outta space, all his studies has failed. this sattelite was not being able to keep gothams alive. so instead of being honest with his ppl..

he directed their attention to earth and how to make it the best place to live in. in order to distract them from knowing the fact of his failure.

earth was not and will never be a suitable plave for gotham to live in.

gothams has discovered their leader lies and killed him. appologize to earth and ask them to keep earth save and never repeat their mistake of destroying their planet with false technology and fell into a lier hands.

this is were the ghothams sattelite explods and all gothams dies.

An after math for blue Noah is .. Captain Domon . Blue Noah leader who dies in the finale battle .. gets honored by earth with ( The man who saved earth) while ( Layth and reem "daughter of captain Domon") get married and establish a center that is responsible of dedicating any danger coming from outta space.

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