Check out this DevianArt Page

I love DevianArt .. It's were all those talented youn men and women gather to share their talent in drawing and painting, the classic way or by using computer tools such as photoshop or so.

I ran into this account for a lady that draws backgrounds of disney movies and other anime,
she is very talented ! loved her work ..

I used this as my desktop background :P

check her account Here
click on gallery (next to "profile") then check out the albums on the left side of the page.

this is one of my favorite art work of her, cuz Ariel is my favorite disney princess.. no matter how much I love Rupanzel and Giseal :P Ariel is still my favorite one.

Hope you enjoy her artwork as much as I did. :)

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Mithos said...

Walla nice artwork Ruby :P Hehe adree long time Ma dasheet bas shasawee ba3ad :P Kena embalsheen bel 3eesha el Gashra :P

RuBY_GLooM said...

Mithos : LoooooL I wish I have half of this talent :P
yeah I was wondering about ur absence .. it's been along time! 3eesha gashra marra wa7da. allah e3eenik 3al ghurba dear.
try to post lo once a day :) lets keep up with you.

Mithos said...

Enshalla Ruby wara my finals :P lana ba3ad 3 weeks raje3 lekuwait for 20 days :P Ruby bas2elich are you an artist ? :P

RuBY_GLooM said...

Mithos: all the best luck in ur Finals and blsalama inshallah. good u get to enjoy the cold here in kuwait :P
and to answer ur question ,,, I can't sketch or paint .. I have a horrible hand writting so I am not an artist!
but I am an artist when it comes to make up :P at least there is one thing I can do to almost perfection XPPPPP
hope this answers ur mean question XP

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